Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Land of Kimatarthi

It has been nearly a century since the great Goblin War brought the Dark Age to the land of Kimatarthi. The capital city, Markaz, is still pocked with empty quarters where so much of the population perished during the goblin siege. Only the wit of the ruling family and the courage of the Rangers saved human civilization from total destruction. Most cities were completely destroyed, and only Mudun in the foothills of the Eastern Mountains was rebuilt. Spared from the horrors of the war, the shire of Bryss flourishes far to the south.

It was the Bakdunis family that rescued civilization as we know it. Though they continue to rule, rebuilding has been difficult. Even today, few dare to stray far beyond the city walls, and only fools would do so unarmed. Because of the constant goblin threat, all are conscripted to serve in the Markaz City Guard for one year in order to hone their battle skills.

But even life in the city is dangerous. Markaz is full of bandits, thieves and murderers. There are even goblins who find shelter in the Empty Quarters. Yet the most feared threat of all is the dark art that the goblins introduced to humanity: Magic. The world changed when the goblins brought their evil magic, and though some have been lured by its mystery, practicing magic is an offense punishable by death.

There is very little in Kimatarthi beyond the city walls. Goblin dens are plentiful in the wilderness, and cities provide the only refuge. The cities themselves are distant and nestled in the cool mountains, away from the arid Lowlands. From Markaz, Mudun is nearly 2 days’ travel to the East, and Bryss is more than a week to the south. The Western Desert is separated from the central lowlands by the Great Rift and the High Mountains. The impassible Eastern Mountains provide shelter to the goblins. Travel far enough in any direction, and you will reach Land’s End, a dangerous, wraith-infested region where terra firma gives way to cloud and mist.

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