Monday, January 2, 2023

 Wow. Is this thing on?

Shocked as I am that I could actually log in on the first try, I'll just continue with why I went here. I had an idea and needed somewhere to write it down. So, why not on the old blog? 仄

Check it out! Humanity has invented emojis* since I last logged in. Amazing. 

Anyway, stuff happened. Stuff we won't talk about. Y'all know what it was. And I'm not talking emojis.

But here's my idea that needs to be fleshed out more. And I'm sure someone has one like it, but am I completely duplicating something that already exists? If so, I just want to know about it. After all, the first rule of game design is steal what you can... it's just tasteless to steal and not credit others.

I'm imagining an adjudication system wherein you have to roll a one to succeed. But, your skill level determines which die you roll. So, if you're really good, you roll a d4. If you're a novice, you roll a d20. When you level up, you buy a smaller die.

Also, roll a 2 or 3 and you still succeed, but with a complication. Chalk this up to my love for Forged in the Dark games - something else that humanity invented since I last posted! 仄

Also also, roll a multiple of 6 and it's a critical failure. So 6, 12, or 18 means you fail in spectacular fashion. So, basically if you roll a d20 you have the same chance of completely messing up as you do succeeding in any way. But most likely, you just fail in boring fashion.

In this system, I'm thinking that levelling up means earning points that you can spend experience points on on new dice. Maybe you buy a smaller die or buy the ability to roll more of the same level of dice. So, you can roll 1d20 or 2d20 or 3d8. If you're really, really good you can have 5d4 in a skill.

Probably, these critical failures cancel out successes, because it's always more fun to roll more dice. Ameritrash rules.

So on and so forth... that's all I'm jotting down for now. I just want to remember this for later. If anyone knows of a similar system, I'd love to hear about it.

If anyone besides the crickets reads this, I'd also love to hear about it.

Happy New Year!




*Unicode emojis. Yes, I remember :) and :( and ;) ... That's not what I'm talking about, nerd.

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