Friday, July 27, 2012

George Rasmussen, Colonel, 5th Merlin Regiment

Holy crap.

So July is nearly a wash in terms of blog posts. But that is just an indication that other stuff has been keeping me busy. It started with some holiday travel and then we almost bought a house, but then we didn't buy a house, but we still did all the work that you need to do to buy a house... basically it meant no free time to blog or even to game. Rather than let it go and not post ANYTHING, here's an older piece.

I love creating characters. It may be the actor in me, but one of my favorite parts of gaming is developing a character concept and running with it. I'm sure many players can relate to the bittersweet moment, as your character's bones are being absorbed into the ocher jelly and you realize that your pointy eared bard, Elvish Elvis, will never sing again... BUT you get to roll out some other character that you've been thinking about for months!

So here's the character I'm currently playing in our Knights of the Astral Sea GURPS campaign

Sir George K. Rasmussen, Colonel, 5th Merlin Regiment

The eldest son of Baronet Percy Rasmussen, George Kyle Rasmussen was educated at Charterhouse until his magical potential was recognized, at which point he was transferred to Carmarthen Academy to continue his training as a wizard. At age 16, he was commissioned an ensign in the Magickal Brigades, and, serving under Lord Brandybuck, he was sent to India to further his skills in the Oriental magicks.

The first test of his mettle was in 1849 at the Battle of Chillianwala, where the British fended off the rebel Sikhs, and he later participated in the glorious victory over the rebels at Gujrat. Having helped preserve the Raj, Rasmussen remained as advisor to the Commissioner of the Punjab until he was sent to accompany an exploratory party that trekked the extent of the Persian Empire. After a 26-month expedition, the party ended up in Gombroon, where they spent some time more at the East India Company house, trading tobacco, drinking panch, and occasionally hanging Qawasim pirates.

Already well-versed in the magicks of the Mohammadeans, Rasmussen was made a liaison to the mages of the Sublime Porte when he was sent to the Crimea in 1854. He took shrapnel to the leg while shielding the thin red line at the Battle of Balaklava, but rather than leave the war, he was able to repair the bone using an Oriental healing spell. Fully recovered for the Siege of Sevastopol, he commanded the thaumaturgical effort that caused an entire Russian artillery regiment to be swallowed into a chasm. For his performance and gallantry he was brevetted-major and awarded medals by both Queen Victoria and Sultan Abdulmecid.

He served the rest of the war as an aide-de-camp to General FitzRoy Somerset, and then was sent back to Delhi to assist in putting down the Indian mutiny. In 1859, he was summed back to England to act as secretary to the Duke of Beaufort, who was anxious to make use of the young wizard’s skills at Whitehall. Sir George spent much of the next decade in the political realm, where he developed a name for himself among the “Wizard Peers,” who were becoming ever more opposed to the “Vicar Peers,” who favored the clergy. In 1870, he was given command of the 5th Merlin Regiment and returned to support the Raj.

Returning to London in 1873, Rasmussen found that the daughter of his good friend Sir Quincy Campbell, member of the House of Commons, was taken ill. In fact, she had been possessed by a demon. Sir Qunicy, not trusting the clergy any more than Rasmussen himself, requested that he be present during the exorcism.

 Something went terribly wrong. After a blind light and wrenching vortex, Rasmussen awoke on a strange plane in the body of a 10-year old girl. Though a very experienced wizard, he found that he has neither his full magical capacity, nor the ability to reliably use it.

Of course, George is still a foul-mouthed, battle hardened, and rather bloody-minded spellcaster. He also enjoys drink to a good degree, but tends to stick to feminine drinks, such as Champagne, out of consideration for little Julia, who he does hope will get her body back someday. He hates to think that the poor child is stuck with his gout.

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