Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bestiary: Tamirac

The wilderness of Kimatarthi is made all the more dangerous by groups of prowling tamiracs. These clever and extremely adaptable animals can be found in any sort of terrain. They are just as likely to be found leaping among rocks and trees or scurrying across the open land. Some have even been seen scavenging in city garbage heaps. They are quick and can easily squeeze through such narrow openings, that it can seem as if they disappear into thin air.

The tamirac has a lean and hungry look about him. (ArthurWeasley)

A typical tamirac is the size of a medium-sized dog with a mouth full of tiny, needle-sharp teeth, and is not much of a threat. Unfortunately, one will rarely encounter a single tamirac. They hunt in packs and are known for their exceptional cunning. Stories abound of unassuming hunters tracking down their kill, only to find a pack of tamiracs laying in wait. Their ability to mimic the sound of wounded or lost animals, and even children is renowned. "As sly as a tamirac," is a common expression, though one rarely used in a flattering way. Their favored tactic is to cut an individual off from the group, surround their prey, and then attack from multiple directions. Any tamirac that comes under attack will spend that round distracting the victim, dodging while the others attack the flanks.

Number appearing: 2D6+2
Fighting: 3D+2
Dodge: 3D+2
Stealth: 4D
Damage: bite (2D+1), claws (1D+1)

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