Sunday, April 15, 2012

Non-post: OA Event Charts

I'm a big fan of Jeff's Gameblog, and not just because he has coined "gameblog" as one word. That alone is awesome. But knowing the analytical effort he puts into each of his blog posts, I'm sure this was a calculated decision. This is worthy of a shout out and a cookie - so, Jeff, if we ever meet, I need to know your preference.

But today he posted something very cool that I want to rip for future use, so I'm linking to it here. It's the old Yearly and Monthly Events charts from the original Oriental Adventures.

Like all little geeks, I used to crawl through old rules books, and charts like these would inevitably capture my imagination. Having given this a quick look over, I see numerous opportunities for plot hooks, particularly in medieval urban settings.

So--even if this is a non-post, because I still have no time to myself--look for some version of these events to be introduced into Markaz and the other cities of Kimatarthi.

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